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Macau is a special administrative region of China, and is known as the world’s three major gambling cities along with Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Macau’s gaming industry is also its pillar industry and has a significant impact on its economy.

History background

As early as 1847, the Macau government enacted a bill to legalize gambling. The current gaming industry can be roughly divided into casinos, lotteries, horse racing and sports betting. In 2018, the revenue of Macau’s gaming industry was approximately 303.8 billion patacas, of which casino revenue accounted for the bulk. Macau’s gaming laws cover physical casino operations, game development, and gaming supervision. The government has specially set up a gaming committee to study the development and management of the gaming industry and formulate related policies. The Gaming Supervision and Coordination Bureau will provide assistance in the formulation and implementation of economic policies.

Online Casinos

Legal basis

The Macau government has successively introduced a series of bills related to online gambling, but the corresponding laws and regulations still need to be improved, especially regarding the legality of online gambling. If operators want to open an online casino in Macau, they need to participate in the bidding in accordance with the model of a physical casino and sign a contract with the government. At the same time, the government stipulates that existing physical gaming companies may not open online casinos, which has curbed the development of online casinos from the source. In addition, the Macau government has made clear regulations on the operating methods, specifications, and game types of online casinos, which shows that the government is also paying close attention to the development of the online gaming industry and international market trends.

top games

Casino games generally include slot machines, chess, poker, random, sports betting and monopoly, bingo, etc. Here we will introduce the most popular ones.

Slot machine

Players only need to click the button and reach a specific pattern connection, that is, a chance to win the jackpot. The specific gameplay will be different. Players need to check the “Pay Table” before starting the game. Here, all symbol values ​​and winning combinations will be listed.


The roulette “Roulette” comes from French, meaning “small round wheel”, and also implies its gameplay. The croupier will turn the wheel in a certain direction, and then throw a small ball to the opposite side. The ball will roll on the wheel along a circular trajectory. When the roulette is stopped, if you hit the number where the ball is located, you win .


The goal of the game is to make the total number of cards in the hand reach 21 points. If it exceeds, it is eliminated. Among the remaining players, it is to see who is closest to 21. This is a very advantageous casino game for players.


The goal of the player (player) and the dealer is to make the total number of cards as close as possible to 9 points. Players can bet on: idle win, bank win or tie. Usually the odds for the player/banker are 1:1, and the odds for a tie are 8:1.

Also worth mentioning are sports betting and live casinos. Sports betting means predicting sports matches and betting on their results. The betting range is often very wide. Live casinos try to replicate the experience of players in physical casinos through live broadcasts.

Online Casino Games

For novices

Due to the vague laws and regulations of the Macau government on the online gaming industry, for safety reasons, gamblers can access online casinos located overseas via VPN. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a casino website? I hope the following list can help you.


Legal license: with a license issued by UKGC, MGA or SGA.
Fair gambling: certification marks such as Certified Fair Gambling and eCogra.
Security encryption: using encryption technologies such as TLS and SSL


Casino software:
Random numbers from large operators, such as PlayTech, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, etc .: Random number generator (RNG) has been tested by a third party. Great
odds: Player return rate (RTP) is high; that is, the average time, players The ratio of the winning bonus to the bet invested.

In addition, players can also pay attention to whether the casino website supports mobile mode, has developed an APP or is optimized for the mobile terminal; the deposit and withdrawal business is convenient, and it supports multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, and withdrawal Conditions are easy to meet; provide generous discounts such as welcome bonuses; support Chinese interface and provide 24/7 multi-channel Chinese customer service.

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