March 2, 2021


Electronic sports (Esports) refers to is a “competitive” attribute to video games as a platform to perform the kind of sports competitions. The rise of e-sports is closely related to webcasting. Large-scale events can attract millions of viewers, especially in Asia, Europe and the United States. Gaming companies have gradually realized the huge potential of the e-sports betting market and have rushed to launch related businesses.

Legal basis

In 1847, the Portuguese-Australian government had begun to promote the legalization of Macau’s gaming industry. E-sports betting is a type of sports betting, but in terms of its nature, it can be classified as online betting. Formal sports betting in Macau started in 1998, but there are only two events, football and basketball. In theory, Macau does not have specific laws against online gambling. The lack of legislation means that operators may be blocked, but the public can use VPNs to access overseas gaming sites at their own risk.

History development

The Nintendo Live in 1986 was regarded as the beginning of e-sports, and the Nintendo World Championship in 1990 was the first official video game competition. The Professional E-Sports League (CPL) was established in 1997. The E-sports “Olympics” World E-Sports Competition (WCG) was founded in 2000. Three years later, the first E-Sports World Cup (ESWC) was held for the first time. The competition is officially formed.

It can be said that the support of Macau entity gaming companies for e-sports began in 2017 at the MDL International Elite Invitational. The event was sponsored by the Macau Gaming Company and was promoted as “the first international e-sports event held in Macau” with a total prize money of up to 300,000 US dollars. Other Macau gaming giants such as Galaxy Entertainment have also sponsored and hosted events such as e-sports carnivals.

Top E Sports Games

top games

E-sports games can be roughly divided into: multiplayer online competition (MOBA), first-person shooting (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), battle royale, fighting and card. The most famous ones are League of Legends, StarCraft, Dota 2, Overwatch and Counter-Strike, etc.; mobile games are also popular in recent years, such as the Glory of Kings and Hearthstone.

Betting site

So, what factors should be considered when choosing a sports betting website?

Formal and legal: have a legal license, such as UKGC and MGA.
Security compliance: support SSL/TLS encryption and will not leak user data.
Convenient access: multi-platform instant login, including mobile terminals.
Rich market: many betting items, wide range, high odds
Promotional offers: generous bonuses, support for free/risk-free betting
deposits and withdrawals: support a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, the minimum betting requirements are easy to meet, and can be withdrawn quickly.
Customer support: all year round, multi-language and multi-channel customer service

choices are good After the website, you can register an account and start betting. Many websites offer welcome bonuses, so remember to apply for them in time. Newbie gift packages often include free bets for users to experience.

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